Tucker Carlson Dials Up Fear Factor In Ugly New Attack On Black Lives Matter

Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson warned that the nation was facing a “dangerous moment” because of Black Lives Matter.
Carlson said Black Lives Matter is now more popular than President Donald Trump and warned that there is no interest in engaging in politics or peaceful protest.
"Black Lives Matter believes in power," he said, warning:
“They flood the streets with angry young people who break things and they hurt anyone who gets in their way. If you want something, take it. Make them angry and they'll set your business on fire. Annoy them and they will occupy your inner city and declare a brand new country. You won't do anything about it. They know that for sure. "
Carlson then formulated a conspiracy theory that recent Supreme Court decisions he disliked were made because conservative judges were "afraid to resist the mob."
And he came to the conclusion that the lessons of the past few weeks are: "Violence is more effective than voting, elections do not change anything" and "Violence works".
See his full monologue below:
"Black Lives Matter gets exactly what they want and that is the most basic sign of strength," said Carlson elsewhere. "Starch is the most attractive quality for voters, people and animals."
Carlson has repeatedly attacked the protests, Black Lives Matter and even Sesame Street against the mass movement for equality and fundamental civil rights in recent weeks.
Advertisers have fled his show, and the liberal surveillance group Media Matters has counted nine large advertisers who pulled their spots from Carlson's show last week.
Fox News told the New York Times last week that advertisers are moving their ads to other shows and are not leaving the network entirely, and that the company has not suffered financially from the defects.
The network has adhered to Carlson through other boycotts and ad campaigns, including in 2018 when he said immigrants were making the country “poorer and dirtier”.
After calling to end his show last year, Carlson said he would not go anywhere.
"Why? Because we work at Fox News and they turn their backs on us," he said. "And we're grateful for that."
At least one advertiser vowed to stay with Carlson: MyPillow told Newsweek that "all life is important" and that his spots continue to air on the show.
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