Tucker Carlson's name in NSA intercepts revealed through 'unmasking': Report

Tucker Carlson's name in communications intercepted by the National Security Agency was revealed through the "debunking" process, according to a new report.
The communications from the Fox News host about scheduling an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin were not a target of the NSA, as the agency said, and were not accidentally collected through spying on a foreign target, sources shared the record with.
The report said that Carlson's identity was instead revealed through a process known as "unmasking," in which the names of US citizens who are mentioned but hidden in final intelligence reports on oversight of aliens are made at the request of authorized officials have the opportunity to ask for disclosures, often in order to better understand the information.
Carlson first told his millionaire audience on June 28th about a government source that informed him of an NSA "espionage" program to leak his team's electronic communications to take his show off the air. Carlson partially confirmed that the communications in question were conversations with US-based Kremlin mediators who have not been publicly identified about setting up an interview with Putin.
News outlets often look for interviews with world leaders. NBC News held a meeting with Putin last month before meeting President Joe Biden for a summit in Geneva.
The NSA released a rare public statement on June 29 stating that Carlson was "never" a target of the agency and denied a conspiracy to bring Carlson's show off the air. However, the statement did not rule out the possibility that communications were accidentally collected or that Carlson's name was exposed by a Biden government official.
"It is totally unacceptable to the NSA for the NSA to expose Tucker Carlson or a journalist trying to secure a newsworthy interview and raise serious questions about their activities as well as their initial opposition, which was completely misleading," said one Fox News spokesman to Record.
The NSA did not want to comment on the report. The identity of the record's sources remains unclear, and it is not clear whether they are with the NSA at all. They claimed, the report said, that there was no evidence to back up Carlson's claims that he was spying to take his show off the air.
The identity of the officer or officers who made the reported debunking request remains unknown, but the report cites a former government official who speculated that Carlson was alleged to have been involved in offering a “defensive briefing” to the FBI against potential foreign interference from the situation has experienced.
Republicans in Congress, including Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Marco Rubio, and senior House Intelligence Committee member Devin Nunes have requested information from the NSA while they are investigating the matter.
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