Tucker Carlson’s Vaccine Attack On ‘Creepy’ Barack Obama Gets Flipped Back On Him

The hashtag #CreepyTucker was posted on Twitter Tuesday after Fox News personality Tucker Carlson launched the latest attack on COVID-19 vaccines.
Carlson, on his widespread show, once again cast doubts on the footage when he labeled former President Barack Obama "creepy" for posting a video encouraging young people to see it.
In the short clip shared on TikTok, Obama noted that every American over 16 is now eligible to get the bump - and urged them to do so.
"The vaccine is safe, effective, and free," said Obama. "This is the only way we can get back to all of the things we love, from safe time with grandparents to concerts and live sports."
Watch Obama's video here:
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In response, Carlson railed against the stance of public health experts around the world who deemed the shots to be safe with this attitude:
“A creepy old man who tells your kids and young children to take medications that we don't fully understand the effects of. It's completely normal, yes it happens every day. Don't ask questions, just do it. "
Obama is 59. Carlson is 51.
Check out Carlson's comments here:
Elsewhere in the segment, Carlson has made unsubstantiated theories about what could happen to people after they were "forced" to get the shot:
"Now what? And all is the answer to that question. If the authorities can control such an intimate decision about health care, if they can force you and your children to take a vaccine that you don't want and that they fear." then what can they not do? Nothing. You will forever have total power over your body and mind. What is the limit of your power? There is none. "
Critics, spurred on by a tweet from progressive PAC MeidasTouch sarcastically telling people not to go viral with the hashtag #CreepyTucker, slammed Carlson. In the past few weeks, the Fox personality has also downplayed the deadly uprising in the U.S. Capitol, driving the speeches of the white supremacists on his show:
The story goes on

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