Tucker Carlson's 'Very Odd' Pronunciation Of 'Ottawa' Has People In Stitches

Fox News primetime personality Tucker Carlson had a lot of Twitter users on Friday night scratching their heads with his pronunciation of the name of the Canadian capital, Ottawa.
Carlson pronounced it as "Ah-Tah-Wa" in a segment in which he criticized Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris. The anchor suggested that the California senator was ignorant of American history because she had spent some of her teenage years north of the border.
Check out the clip here:
Ottawa City Councilor Tim Tierney tweeted a "How do you pronounce Ottawa?" Video in response to Carlson's pronunciation:
And while the majority of social media users ridiculed Carlson at his obvious gaffe, some suggested that due to his repeated mispronunciation of Harris' name in the past, it might have been deliberate.
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