Tucker Carlson Torched By Ex-Colleague: Can’t Channel How He Believes This Stuff

Carl Cameron on Tuesday slammed his old employer, Fox News, and prime-time personality Tucker Carlson for spreading the same type of racist rhetoric that reportedly inspired the deadly massacre in Buffalo, New York which killed 10 people over the weekend.
MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace remarked to Cameron, who was Fox's chief politics correspondent until 2017, how "the ideology left in the mass shooter's screed" at a supermarket "reflects the ideology championed" by Carlson, who frequently talks about it on his show has spoken racist "grand surrogate" conspiracy theory cited by the killer.
"What happens at Fox News when something like this happens?" she asked.
"I can't even imagine it. That's partly why I got out of there," Cameron replied.
"It's truly awful to think that journalists of national and international capacity are putting together this kind of nonsense," he continued, calling Republicans "pupils of misinformation."
"I really can't channel how Tucker believes in any of this stuff and how the network can handle it," he added, warning that "this kind of lying and deception is taking hold."
Check out Cameron's full comments here:
This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.
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