Tupac's family calls Trump campaign ‘disrespectful’ over debate ticket stunt

Kamala Harris, when asked who was the best rapper alive, replied "Tupac Shakur" - who died in 1996 (Getty Images)
Tupac Shakur's step-brother criticized the Trump campaign for "disregarding" his late brother's memory after giving Tupac a ticket to attend the vice-presidential debate in a stab at Kamala Harris.
Harris was mocked by Trump supporters when asked who was the best rapper alive in September and replied, "Tupac."
Tupac was shot dead in 1996 and died at the age of 25 amid a war between rival gangs.
Mopreme Shakur told TMZ on Saturday that it was "clearly disrespectful" for his family to run the campaign to organize the ticket stunt.
He said he was not surprised, however.
"We should know Trump's lack of respect for the black and brown community," he said.
And he said the family were flattered by Harris' posthumous support, saying it made sense because Harris, like Tupac, was from California.
Jason Miller, Senior Communications Manager for the Trump campaign, had confirmed that a seat had been reserved for Tupac during the October 7th debate.
"We left a ticket for Tupac Shakur, Senator Harris' favorite rapper alive," Miller said.
"Personally, I'm more of a Biggie fan if he's alive, but we'll have a ticket to Tupac."
Rapper Biggie Smalls, a rival on the east coast, was shot dead a year after Tupac in 1997.
Harris himself laughed at the mistake.
"He's not alive!" Angela Rye called, interviewing Harris and asking the question. "You say he lives on? '
Harris laughed and replied, "Not alive, I know I'll keep doing this."
Rye jokingly defended the gaffe, pointing out the conspiracy theories that Tupac might be alive.
“Look, girls on the west coast think Tupac lives on. I'm with you, ”she said. "So go ahead with Tupac."
"I'll keep doing this," Harris repeated.
"Who would I say? I mean there are so many you know
"There are some I wouldn't mention right now because they should stay on their trail, but others ..."
Rye laughed and replied, "I don't know what that means ..."
Harris, who also laughed, told her to continue from the question.
"Go on, go on, move on, Angela."
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