Twitter has 'no clue' how to solve first-grade homework question: 'A psychology experiment not a math problem'

Remember when your sixth grade math teacher told you to pay more attention in class because you need to know this information in adulthood?
Here I am years later [edited] and I have no idea what this supposed first grade math problem is asking for. Most of Twitter don't either.
New York writer Helen Rosner shared a picture from a math workbook her friend was working on with her child. The friend, an MIT graduate, was at a loss.
"Neither he nor I have the slightest idea what the kid is supposed to do here," wrote Rosner in her tweet title.
Should you stroke and move fruit over? Are you drawing the fruits in the new basket? Does one of the five fruits shown have to be halved so that they are really the same?
People tried in vain to understand it on Twitter.
You can't just "subtract the fruit" Ben! What do you think!
Math professor here - no idea what they want. I can only imagine drawing three oranges (?) And two bananas in the box on the right.
- Daniel Litt, in feature 2 (@littmath), October 6, 2020
The first confusing remark to begin with is the phrase "mathematical drawings". A lot of people didn't seem to understand what that meant.
According to the non-profit academic publication The Conversation, there has been an increase in the past few years in teaching math to students in a more visual way. There has always been some visual element in math classes, but it is now considered the “golden age” of rethinking how to teach fundamental problems to students who think differently.
Fortunately, one woman shared a completed homework sheet that made a little more sense.
Basically, like the article The Conversation, the lesson is about teaching kids that the equal sign in an equation doesn't necessarily mean that it is the only answer.
For Rosner's friend, the student could put four bananas and one orange or three bananas and two oranges in the second basket. In this way, both baskets correspond to five fruits.
For all the haters who think it doesn't make sense because they can't be the same because the units are different, it doesn't matter because it's about math drawings. AKA fruit in general. The student could put five pineapples in it and it would be fine.
If you still don't get it, that's fine as you probably have already completed first grade and don't need to worry about that.
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