Twitter’s POTUS account will reportedly be reset to zero followers when Biden takes over

In this country we have had a long peaceful transfer of power to the executive office, even after the most competitive elections. Certain circumstances have led many to wonder whether the tradition will continue on January 20th. However, despite his very vocal protests, the current president has agreed to step down should all of his legal maneuvers fall short (something that seems far from certain on this point).
Of course, there is nothing in the Constitution to provide guidance on how to pass passwords peacefully - oddly enough, the ancestors of this country did not have the foresight to predict Twitter. The service has already set out what will happen to Trump's account if he leaves office. Because he loses the protection that comes with a political figure.
Commenting on this at last month's Congressional hearings, CEO Jack Dorsey stated, "When an account suddenly ceases to be a world leader, that particular policy goes away." But what about the new president? What will the transition look like for Biden? And what happens if Trump doesn't voluntarily give up the official @Potus account, as has also been suggested?
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He wasn't exactly keen to accept the results of that election, and he's not the type to willingly give up a platform - especially one with 33 million followers (admittedly a fraction of Trump's main account).
Nick Pacilio of Twitter's communications, government and news team made the following statement to TechCrunch on the matter: "Twitter has had ongoing discussions with the Biden transition team on a number of issues related to account transfers in the White House."
The company, understandably, may not have answered the question directly, but working with the in-depth team is an easy way to circumvent issues with transferring more than a dozen accounts, the Wall Street Journal notes. As previously reported, existing Tweets will be deleted and inbound administration will start from scratch - a net positive result for the Biden team given the… polarizing nature of the previous President's feed.
According to Biden's Digital Director, the POTUS and White House accounts will also be reset to zero followers, changing the transition from Obama to Trump. Donald Trump's personal Twitter account has already lost a prominent follower. Earlier this week, CEO Jack Dorsey followed the president along with other prominent politicians, including Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.
Trump will lose his Twitter protected status after his presidency
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