Twitter users are baffled by this cat’s ‘Hungry Hippos’ eating style: ‘I’m losing my mind’

A cat with a more than insatiable appetite goes viral after its owner shares a video about how it eats from a bowl.
The clip, which was viewed almost nine million times on Twitter, was originally shared on June 13 by a Philadelphia-based user named Luke.
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The video shows Luke's cat preparing to eat from a bowl that another cat is already using. Instead of taking tiny, bite-sized nibbles, the animal opens its entire mouth and sucks in countless pieces of food at the same time.
"What in the world does a pig cat eat," Luke wrote of his pet.
Luke in Philadelphia
@ tramL116
What on earth does a kind of pig cat eat?
8:00 p.m. - June 13, 2020
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182K people talk about it
The footage drew thousands of hysterical reactions from Twitter users who compared the animal to everything from a snake to toy hippos from the popular children's game Hungry Hungry Hippos.
"I can't stop looking at it," wrote one commentator.
"I'm losing my mind," added another.
"I would die for the pig cat," wrote another.
Luke in Philadelphia
@ tramL116
June 13, 2020
What on earth does a kind of pig cat eat?
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@ nuclearcarly
He said
05:33 a.m. - June 14, 2020
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Others, meanwhile, were more interested in the second cat's reaction to the ordeal.
"The other cat looks at the camera as if it were in" The Office, "" joked a commentator.
Some were far more serious with their comments, writing that Luke should take a few steps to keep his cat's weight under control. The owner replied with an ironic answer.
"People suggest that I try" portion control "and even imply that my cat is" overweight "if it is obviously very thin and perfect," he tweeted.
Luke in Philadelphia
@ tramL116
People suggest that I try "portion control" and even imply that my cat is "overweight" if it is obviously very thin and perfect
3:45 p.m. - June 14, 2020
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87 people talk about it
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