Two passengers leave plane by emergency slide before takeoff from NYC

Two passengers opened the cabin door on their Delta flight and fled on an escape slide at LaGuardia Airport shortly before take-off on Monday, the airline said.
The passengers who were not identified were on a flight to Atlanta when they opened the aircraft's cabin door.
The plane, an Airbus A321, was taxiing and returning to the gate at the time, the statement said. Other passengers have been put on alternative flights, the airline said.
The maintenance teams assessed the aircraft and it should be back into service on Monday, the airline said.
It wasn't immediately clear what caused the hasty exit. The New York and New Jersey Port Authority Police Department, which operates the airport, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
The New York Times quoted another passenger on the flight, identifying the couple as a couple with a service dog who had switched seats several times before takeoff.
Passenger Brian Plummer said the man stood up as the plane started moving and ignored a flight attendant's order to sit down.
Plummer told the Times he did not see the man open the cabin door, but the flight crew alerted passengers after the plane came to an abrupt halt.
After the man opened the emergency exit, the couple went with their dog, the newspaper reported.

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