Tx. Police Arrest Black Teen Walking in Road to Avoid Icy Sidewalks; Charge Is Dropped

Plano Police Department Rodney Reese
A Black Texas teenager who spent one night in jail after being arrested for walking on the street at around 11pm. in short sleeves with snow and ice on the ground is not charged, says the head of the Plano police department.
Rodney Reese, 18, claims he was a victim of race profiles when he went home after a work shift at Walmart.
"Because I'm black, I fit a description. It hurts, man," he told KDFW-TV. "I don't even think the call would have happened [if I wasn't black]. Honestly, I really don't."
In a Facebook post on Friday, Plano police defended their officers' actions in the February 16 incident, saying the arresting officers responded to a "welfare call" in which a caller stated that a black man was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and Wearing shorts I was walking down Hedgcoxe Road and stumbled. The responding officers located the issue and although he was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, he wore long pants. "
According to the post, "The temperatures at the time were in their teens, with snow and ice on the ground. Concerned about his well-being and the possibility that the subject was in a mental crisis, delusional or impaired, officials tried to contact him . "
"As the officers continued to discuss the matter, he continued to walk away from them. The officers repeatedly told him they were there to help him. The officers followed him quite a distance when an officer discussed his vehicle PA system we needed talk to him and could offer him help. "
Reese told KDFW that he moved on because he didn't need any help as he walked a few blocks to his mother's house.
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In a body cam video posted by the police on Facebook, Reese can be heard repeatedly telling officers that he is fine and that he is going home. But officers followed for more than two minutes before stopping him, stating that they were "conducting an investigation" and he would be detained, reports CBS DFW.
"Officials ask where his home was and he doesn't answer," police said on their Facebook post. "One of the officers stands in front of the subject to block his way, while another officer tells him that he is being legally detained for injuring pedestrians on the street when he was seen in the middle of the street."
The post continues: "After being told that he was lawfully detained, the subject replied 'No' and tried to walk around the officers. The officers then tried to handcuff the subject. The subject opposed theirs Efforts to handcuff him. "
Reese told KDFW: "They just treated me like I was a criminal or something." He said he was on the road to avoid the ice and snow on the roadside.
"There is a lot of information about this case that we did not know at the time," Police Chief Ed Drain told KDFW. "Those officers didn't know his age. They didn't know he was 18 years old. They didn't know he worked at Walmart. They didn't know where he lived."
He added, "You should have brought him home, that's where he should have gone."
The boss said he doesn't think Reese's race has stalled, "but I can't get into people's hearts, I can't get into people's minds."
He said his department had not decided whether to open an internal investigation.
The arrest officer wrote that while Reese "committed the class B misdemeanor by defying public duties by defying the efforts of officers to detain and handcuff him," the officers ruled Reese only of the offense Accusing Class C of being a pedestrian on the street.
Drain told Fox4News that the charges have since been dropped.
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