U.S. Cases Rise 1.1%; Texas Surge ‘Unacceptable’: Virus Update

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The number of new cases around the world reached a record high triggered by an increase in Latin America, according to the World Health Organization. The total infections exceeded 9 million.
In the United States, new infections in Florida rose to another record high. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the contagion is accelerating at "unacceptable pace," while the state's hospitalization increased the most in two and a half weeks.
Britain reported fewer than 1,000 new cases for the first time since the March 23 closure, and Delta Air Lines resumed flights to China. The infection rate in Germany rose for a third day, which was offset by local outbreaks, including many in a slaughterhouse.
Key developments:
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Texas Hospitalizations Jump (4:57 p.m. in New York)
Texas hospitals have had 302 new Covid-19 patients admitted in the last 24 hours. This was the largest one-day influx since June 4, according to figures from the Ministry of Health. The total number of hospital stays with viruses was 3,711.
The positive test rate also increased, reaching 9.51%, the highest since April 20, and more than double the rates observed at the end of May, according to government data. New cases increased by 2.9% to 114,881, lagging behind the average growth of 3.5% within seven days.
Cases in South Africa Violate 100,000 (4:25 p.m. in New York)
South Africa's coronavirus cases exceeded 100,000 on Monday when the country confirmed 4,288 new infections, for a total of 101,590. The government in the continent's most industrialized economy is preparing to loosen restrictions and open more businesses, including hairdressers and hip restaurants.
Cases in Gauteng Province, which includes Johannesburg and the capital, Pretoria, continue to grow and increase at the fastest pace among nine provinces. Cape Town, the main tourist center, and the surrounding Western Cape Province remain the epicenter of the pandemic with 51.7% of infections. The national death toll is 1,991.
U.S. cases increase 1.1% (4 p.m. NY)
Coronavirus cases in the US rose 24,774 to 2.29 million compared to the same Sunday, according to Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News. The 1.1% increase corresponded to the average daily increase of 1.2% over the past seven days. Deaths rose 0.2% to 120,121.
According to Johns Hopkins and Bloomberg News. Cases in North Carolina rose 4.3% to 53,614. In New York, there were 552 new cases, an increase of 0.1%, for a total of 388,488, with deaths increasing by 10 to 24,739, according to Governor Andrew , compared to an average increase of 3.7% over the past seven days. Cumulative hospitalizations of Florida residents rose 82 or 0.6% to 13,119. Cases in California rose 2.4% to 178,054, while deaths rose 0.4% to 5,515, according to the state's website.
Abbott calls Texas Surge "unacceptable" (3:22 ​​p.m. in New York)
Texas governor Greg Abbott said the contagion is accelerating at an unacceptable rate during a press conference on Monday and needs to be addressed. Still, he said, "Shutting down Texas will always be the last option."
Abbott, one of the first U.S. governors to reopen his state's economy after the first wave of Covid-19 lockups, led alarming increases in positive test rates, case numbers, and hospitalizations.
"The positive rate increased from about 4.5% in late May to almost 9% today," said Abbott. State regulators have started closing taverns that don't force social distancing, the governor said as an example of steps the state is taking to stop the recovery.
Mandate Masks of the Mayors of Miami (2:52 p.m., NY)
The Mayors of Miami and neighboring cities in Miami-Dade County announced on Monday that they would wear masks in public on the advice of state health officials.
"We have seen an increasingly worrying trend of cases that continue to escalate," said Miami Mayor Francis Suarez at the Miami press conference.
The reopening of cinemas, night clubs, and other major venues in the city of Miami is also being delayed as the number of coronavirus cases has increased, Suarez said.
"This is a real tip," said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber at the press conference. “Nobody can argue with the fact that more people are hospitalized.
He added that "it would not be responsible to rely on irrational optimism that all of this will go away."
The announcement follows a recommendation from the General Surgeon for Public Health, released on Saturday, and recommends that "everyone in Florida should wear face cover in any environment where social distancing is not possible."
San Francisco speeds up some reopening (2:52 p.m. in New York)
In San Francisco, hairdressing salons, museums, zoos, tattoo studios, and outdoor bars can open on June 29 - according to an original plan from mid-July. Mayor London Breed said in a statement on Monday that the city's virus indicators are "in a good place" to allow it to reopen.
While new cases have hit records last week in California, infections in San Francisco have been relatively stable. The county only reported one new case on Monday. In contrast, the much larger Los Angeles County had 1,779.
Trump has not ordered slower tests: Aide (2:45 p.m., NY)
President Donald Trump's spokesman said he was joking on Saturday when he said at a rally that he had asked his government to slow down the coronavirus tests and had not issued such an order.
"No, he didn't direct that," said White House spokesman Kayleigh McEnany at a reporter briefing Monday. "Any suggestion that the tests have been restricted is not in fact justified."
Additional companies in Toronto reopen (2:40 p.m. in New York)
Canada's largest city will reopen restaurant terraces, shopping centers and swimming pools on Wednesday after officials have determined that the corona virus is under control.
Toronto, the country's financial center, was also one of Covid's hotspots. By June 20, Toronto had reported 13,856 cases and 1,039 deaths since the outbreak began. More than 11,800 people have recovered.
California Case Climb; LAX to search for fever (2:00 p.m. NY)
Confirmed cases in California rose by 2.4%, compared to the 7-day average of 2.2%, to a total of 178,054, according to the state. The 4,230 new cases were the third largest daily increase today.
The most populous state, which reported a record number of new infections on Sunday, also recorded increased hospital stays and intensive care stays. The rate of positive tests in the last 14 days was 4.8%; Governor Gavin Newsom said a week ago that the rate had stabilized at 4.5%.
In Los Angeles, the most affected part of California, Mayor Eric Garcetti said that Los Angeles International Airport will use thermal cameras at two locations to identify travelers who may be infected with the virus. The cameras are located in both the arrival and departure areas of the Tom Bradley International Terminal.
People with a temperature of more than 100.4 degrees are addressed by an airport employee and are given a second check using a non-contact handheld thermometer. High temperature people are advised not to travel, Garcetti said. However, he emphasized that the pilot project was voluntary.
US Preparations for Flu Stroke as Covid Remains (1:40 p.m., NY)
U.S. health officials are preparing for a flu season that is aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic that they do not expect to be relieved by a vaccine soon.
It is expected that Covid's activities “could continue for some time” and “could put an enormous strain on an already overburdened health system” if they are associated with the influenza season that takes place every fall. Top officials, including Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, will announce house legislators on Tuesday after statements have been made.
The testimony stands in contrast to President Donald Trump's recent rhetoric, which campaigned against the virus reopening despite nearly 120,000 deaths in the United States and a sharp rise in some countries. According to the testimony, Robert Redfield and Fauci, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will tell Congress that the length of the pandemic is unknown and that a widely spread vaccine is not imminent, although Trump is due Calls for a vaccine at the end of the year.
Fauci says he's not an obstacle to the NFL season (12:54 p.m., NY)
Anthony Fauci, the leading infectious disease specialist in the US, said he was wrongly classified as an obstacle to the upcoming National Football League season and only gave official advice after requesting it.
The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said he had been consulted by the NFL to look for a way to ensure the safety of gamers and the public during the pandemic.
"I have not set strict requirements or other instructions for the football league," Fauci said in an interview. “You came to me and from a medical point of view asked me a number of questions about risks. They are a very competent group of people and they will choose for themselves. "
Fauci informed CNN last week that the league season may not be played if there is a resurgence in some cases, unless the players are essentially kept in a "bubble" that isolates them from others and almost tested every day. US President Donald Trump later said in a tweet that he had told the scientist that he had "nothing to do with soccer".
Covid-19 accelerates in Latin America, says WHO (12:45 p.m. in New York)
The number of new cases reached a record high of 183,000 in the latest World Health Organization daily report, as the disease spreads simultaneously in several large countries, WHO representatives said at a press conference in Geneva.
Latin America is particularly affected. According to Mike Ryan, director of the WHO Health Emergency Program, the number of reported cases in Brazil rose 25% last week, compared to 41% in Chile and 38% in Argentina.
Regardless, there has been a limited number of transmissions of the disease from humans to mink on farms in the Netherlands and Denmark, and back to humans, according to Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO chief technical officer for Covid-19. However, the spread of the disease is human-to-human transmission, she said.
Illinois Expands Reopening (12:30 p.m. in New York)
All four regions of Illinois are well on their way to entering Phase 4 on June 26th. This is the penultimate step in the state's reopening plan. Around 400,000 Illinois residents are expected to return to work as sectors such as health and fitness, film and theater, museums and zoos, and restaurant dining may resume, Governor J.B. Pritzker in a statement with.
Meetings can accommodate up to 50 people, and indoor dining can continue with groups of 10 or fewer, tables 1.8m apart, and standing areas with no more than 25% of capacity. Chicago and state officials said public health metrics such as new Covid 19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are falling, allowing the city to enter phase 4 after being delayed in phase three.
"We have continued to make really good progress," said Allison Arwady, Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health, during a conversation with reporters. Capacity limits could be broadened or relaxed during phase 4 as the number continues to decrease, but the city takes gradual steps to avoid spikes that other reopened locations have seen, she added.
Portugal steps up action in Lisbon suburbs (11:54 a.m., NY)
The Portuguese government plans to tighten restrictions in some municipalities around Lisbon to curb new outbreak clusters on the outskirts. Meetings will now be limited to 10 people, up from 20 previously, Prime Minister Antonio Costa said on Monday.
Portugal reported 259 new coronavirus cases on Monday and now has 12,310 active cases, Health Minister Antonio Lacerda Sales said at a press conference in Lisbon. Daily new cases were between 192 and 421 in June, and the additional infections were mainly recorded in the greater Lisbon area, where the authorities have carried out more tests.
Murphy expects some "spiking" in N.J. (11:10 a.m. in New York)
Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey, the second most affected state in the U.S., told CNN that if it rose like in Florida, it would turnaround its gradual and limited return of retail, dining, and other services.
"You would have to take a break from reopening," said Murphy. "You wouldn't have a choice." He said New Jersey would certainly see "a certain amount of peaks" as indoor activity increased, but he anticipated testing and contact tracking to avoid mass spurts.
As of Monday in New Jersey, barbershops and salons could only be reopened by appointment and with masks and other precautions. Indoor shopping centers can open on June 29, but Murphy has not set an opening date for cinemas, indoor restaurants, and gyms.
S. C. Protesters asked to be tested (11:03 a.m. in New York)
A leader in an anti-police brutality group in South Carolina has called on protesters to get tested after several people who have been involved in the protests recently tested positive, the Columbia state-run newspaper reports.
Lawrence Nathaniel, one of the leaders of the "I can't breathe in South Carolina" movement, posted a note on his Facebook page saying that several demonstrators in Colombia tested positive from late May to mid-June. A video posted on his website also revealed that several of his group's guides and photographers had tested positive, and he urged protesters who marched at the group's events in Columbia, Greenville, and Charleston to be tested.
South Carolina is one of the states in the South and Southwest that has seen Covid 19 cases again in the past few weeks. The state recorded a record 1,157 new cases on Saturday and 907 on Sunday.
Florida Falls Up 3% (10:44 AM NY)
Florida reported 100,217 Covid-19 cases on Monday, a 3% increase from the previous day compared to an average 3.7% increase over the past seven days. The deaths among Florida's residents reached 3,173, an increase of 0.4%.
The new cases in Florida hit 22,891, the highest ever, on a rolling seven-day basis.
Cumulative hospitalizations of Florida residents rose 82 or 0.6% to 13,119. On a rolling seven-day basis, they reached 1,104, the highest level since May 25th.
The new rate of people who tested positive for the first time fell from 11.9% on Saturday to 7.7%.
Lowest UK deaths since March (10:30 a.m. in New York)
The United Kingdom reported fewer than 1,000 new cases for the first time since the March 23 ban.
According to the daily update by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, there were 15 coronavirus-related deaths, the lowest since March 15. The reported deaths are typically lower on Mondays because deaths have been delayed at weekends.
Figures reported in the UK are being watched closely before the July 4 blocking restrictions are expected to be eased. More details will be announced this week.
A total of 139,659 tests were performed during the day, bringing the total number of tests to 8.03 million.
Delta will resume flights between the United States and China on June 25 (9:26 a.m.)
Delta Air Lines announces that the flight between Seattle and Shanghai-Pudong will resume via Seoul-Incheon on June 25 and will operate twice a week.
It will operate flights from Seattle and Detroit, also via Incheon, once a week and says it is the first US airline to reconnect the United States and China since the Covid 19 trip was suspended in February.
Gilead CEO Targets Inhale Remdesivir Study for August (9:16 a.m. in New York)
Daniel O’Day, CEO of Gilead, said the company is testing healthy volunteers this week for phase I trials using an inhaled formulation of its remdesivir drug. Treatment would be through a nebulizer, which may be easier to use outside the hospital.
Remdesivir has already been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for emergencies in Covid 19 patients. The next wave of clinical development will examine remdesivir to treat the disease earlier.
Scotland May Acquire Corporate Stakes To Prevent Breakdown (8:42 a.m., NY)
The Scottish government would consider investing in companies to prevent them from leaving the business if necessary, said First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. The semi-autonomous government would see the move as an extension of its "interventionist approach" to reviving the Scottish economy, she told reporters in Edinburgh.
Netherlands reports first day without death since March (8 a.m. in New York)
The Netherlands reported no new deaths from Covid-19 for the first time since March 12. The total number of confirmed cases increased by 69 to 49,658, the lowest daily increase since March 10.
EU health chief aims to get a virus vaccine within 18 months (7:43 a.m. in New York)
European Union Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides said the block intends to receive a coronavirus vaccine in 12 to 18 months. Kyriakides offered the schedule in comments to a European Parliament committee in Brussels, outlining the EU's efforts to negotiate pre-purchase doses with vaccine developers. She said the usual time for vaccine development is about a decade.
Israel weighs up renewal of controversial tracking tool (6:56 a.m. in New York)
Israel is considering renewing the controversial use of government spy technology to combat an increase in coronavirus cases.
"We know that this issue is problematic, but on the other hand, we know that it has been instrumental in keeping the epidemic at bay," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a cabinet minister meeting on Monday.
In Israel, more than 20,000 cases of the virus have been confirmed with more than 300 deaths. The number has risen from less than 17,000 a month ago after restrictions were relaxed and many people ignored guidelines on masks and social distancing.
Cases in Hong Kong have increased the most since April 3 (6:34 a.m. in New York)
Hong Kong recorded 30 newly imported cases of coronavirus on Monday, the city's health ministry said. All but one had traveled to Pakistan during the incubation period, and one person had returned from the Philippines.
This was the largest increase in a day since April 3, bringing the confirmed number to 1,161.
(An earlier version corrected Peru's number of cases.)
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