U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear gun rights cases

By Lawrence Hurley and Andrew Chung
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The US Supreme Court declined on Monday to open a number of new cases to expand arms rights.
The court denied a total of 10 different cases that had accumulated at the court in the past few months. Two judges, Conservatives Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh, said they heard one of the cases, a New Jersey dispute over the state's hidden arms permits.
In the case of New Jersey, the judges issued a lower court judgment that brought an action against state law requiring people who want to carry small arms in public to prove that they have a specific reason before they can Can get approval.
Other cases that the court did not want to take up were countermeasures against attacking weapons bans in Massachusetts and Cook County, Illinois, a jurisdiction that includes Chicago. The court also denied cases similar to the Massachusetts and Maryland New Jersey dispute.
The Supreme Court lawsuit follows the April 27 decision to dismiss a National Rifle Association-sponsored challenge to the now lifted New York restrictions on handgun owners who carry their firearms outside the home.
The move circumvented an important decision on the scope of arms law under the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
The New York case was the first gun lawsuit the court had heard in almost a decade. Gun control activists fear that the court will continue to expand the right to carry weapons.
The judges' decision not to address any of the ten other cases shows that the court, with a conservative majority of 5 to 4, continues to be reluctant to address arms issues.
(Reporting by Lawrence Hurley; editing by Will Dunham)

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