UAE cabinet approves establishment of embassy in Tel Aviv in further sting to Palestinians

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gestures during a welcome ceremony for a United Arab Emirates Flydubai flight landing in Tel Aviv - Pool / Reuters
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced the establishment of their embassy in Tel Aviv when the US National Security Advisor announced that America hopes to build "on the success of Israel's normalization agreements" under the Biden administration.
The UAE cabinet's decision to approve the establishment of the embassy comes after the Abrahamic Accords were signed in September, making it the first Gulf state to develop a full diplomatic relationship with Israel.
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No further details about the embassy were given in the UAE media.
While the Israeli government recognizes Jerusalem as its capital, the international community does not. The Palestinians claim that East Jerusalem is the capital of a future Palestinian state. Most countries have their embassies in Tel Aviv.
Before the deal, Israel only had peace deals with only two Arab countries, Egypt and Jordan - where it has attached messages. Most Arab countries had previously refrained from recognizing Israel and believed that recognition should only be granted if serious concessions were made in the Palestinian peace process.
Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco later agreed to follow in the UAE's footsteps and normalize relations with Israel through US-brokered deals.
The normalization agreements dealt a severe blow to international hopes for a two-state solution and many hopes for Palestinian statehood.
On Sunday, the Israeli government voted to improve the current agreement with Morocco and also to establish diplomatic relations. Until the approval of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, an Israeli diplomatic office will be opened in the Moroccan capital Rabat in the next few days. The corresponding office will "soon" open in Tel Aviv. Israeli Kann Radio quoted Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi as a saying.
The agreements were brokered under the Trump administration. President Trump endorsed the tough policies of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhau and moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, cut funding for Palestinians and recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.
In a telephone conversation with his Israeli counterpart, Jake Sullivan, the US national security adviser, reiterated "President Biden's unwavering commitment to the security of Israel" and "discussed ways to further improve the partnership," according to a White House statement.
Sullivan added that the US hoped "to build on the successes of Israel's normalization agreements with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco" and confirmed that the US "will closely consult Israel on all regional security issues."
The normalization deals were largely due to US ambitions to isolate Iran in the Middle East.

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