Udder Failure: Devin Nunes Can't ID Critics Behind Cow Tweets, So Suit Appears Moot

MP Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) Has apparently tried long enough to punish anti-Nunes parody Twitter accounts.
His lawyer complained to a Richmond, Virginia court on Friday that he and the congressman had reached a "dead end" to target the devastating Nunes critics behind "Devin Nunes 'Cow" and "Devin Nunes' Mom" identify The Fresno Bee reported.
Nunes sued Twitter and the parody accounts last year, claiming they defamed him. The lawsuit, which claimed a total of $ 250 million, claims that Twitter has worked with Republican strategist Liz Mair and the two accounts to damage Nunes' reelection offer in 2018 - which Twitter denies. Nunes was re-elected.
The lawsuit triggered an explosion in the number of parody account followers - and an explosion in the number of parody accounts. The number of followers of the cow account rose from the original 1,000 to 700,000 today.
Devin Nunes' cow
@ DevinCow
Just a reminder that there is a legal fund for @NunesAlt and I. All remaining funds go to the Democrat, who runs Milk Dud # FirstAmgement
https: //
s_cow? refcode = cow-tw1 & amount = 25 & recurring = auto
Help us get Devin Nunes out of office
Devin Nunes tries to milk Twitter for $ 250 million - and he also tries to milk Congress from all of its integrity.
20.6 K.
8:57 p.m. - November 1, 2019
Twitter Ads info and privacy
8,571 people talk about it
Earlier this year, Twitter argued that Nunes could not sue the social media company for comments in parody accounts, because federal law gives them "broad immunity" from liability for their users' comments.
Twitter also refused to reveal the identity of the account holders. The Virginia judge, John Marshall, did not order the company to do this - which makes it practically impossible to file a lawsuit against these people, Nunes' lawyer Steven Biss complained.
"We try to find out who they are and we read the comments on Twitter - as painful as it is - we do it every day," said Biss. "But we're at a dead end."
He added angrily, "They do more than allow Liz Mair, the cow, and mother to post a tweet. They censor, promote an anti-Nunes agenda, ban conservative accounts, and knowingly encourage them."
Marshall hasn't decided on the case yet, but he didn't seem to particularly approve of Nunes' lawsuit. "I don't have any legal requirements that require these websites to be neutral," Marshall said in court on Friday. "Just because you don't like it and you asked them to take it off doesn't mean they are liable if they don't take it off."
Devin Nunes' mother and the cow could not be reached immediately for comment.
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