UK panic buying, up to 90% of fuel pumps dry

A panic buying warning appears to have fallen on deaf ears in the UK.
On Monday (September 27th) up to 90% of the petrol stations in major English cities were dry.
The refueling rush exacerbated a supply chain crisis triggered by a shortage of truckers.
Retailers are now warning that the problem could hit the world's fifth largest economy.
A severe shortage of truck drivers after Brexit has messed up supply chains for everything from food to fuel.
And makes consumers fear price increases in the run-up to Christmas.
The petrol shortage came just days after Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government spent millions of pounds to address a food shortage.
The reason for this was an increase in the price of natural gas and its by-product carbon dioxide.
In response to the fuel shortage, the government suspended competition laws to allow companies to collaborate.
On Sunday, it also announced that it would issue temporary visas to 5,000 foreign truck drivers.
However, corporate leaders have warned that the plan is a short-term solution and will not resolve an acute labor shortage.

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