UK puts army on standby as fuel pumps run dry

The UK is putting army drivers on standby to help as the fuel supply crisis drags on.
Up to 90% of gas stations in regions across the country have run empty.
The fact that supplies were impaired after a shortage of truck drivers triggered panic buying.
Long queues have formed at the few petrol stations that still have petrol, and in some places there are fights between motorists.
Now the British Medical Association is calling for health workers to have priority access to fuel to ensure hospitals are not left without doctors and nurses.
The crisis is also becoming a major problem for anyone who depends on vehicles to work.
Paul Kirby is a London taxi driver:
“It's massive. Friends of mine couldn't come to work this morning because they are so low they can't risk coming out and running away.
Ministers, oil companies and gas stations say there is no shortage of fuel.
It's the combination of the lack of truckers and panic buying that has drained the system.
Now army drivers could help fill some of the void.
But not very much.
Freight forwarders estimate that the country has almost 100,000 truck drivers.
Many left the country due to Brexit, while lockdowns hampered the training of new drivers.
With so many cars fully fueled, however, the Petrol Retailers Association predicts that the supply crisis will subside in the coming days.

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