UK's coronavirus threat level reduced in 'big moment' for pandemic response

Chief Medical Officers have recommended reducing the level of coronavirus to level 3. (PA)
The UK's coronavirus alert is to be lowered from Level 4 to Level 3 on the recommendation of the country's senior doctors.
The Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland said in a statement that they had agreed to downgrade the alarm after a steady and persistent decline in cases in all four countries.
Level 3 means that the epidemic is in the "general cycle", while Level 4 means that the transmission is high or increasing exponentially.
Health Minister Matt Hancock welcomed the recommendation and said it was a "big moment" for Britain and showed that the "government plan is working".
He said: "Britain's transition to a lower alert is a great moment for the country and a real testament to the British people's determination to fight this virus.
“The government's plan works. Infection rates are falling rapidly, we have protected the NHS and thanks to the hard work of millions in our health and social services, we are getting the country back on its feet. "
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The GMOs statement said: “The cases that we have seen in all four countries have been steadily declining, and this continues. This does not mean that the pandemic is over. The virus is still in the general circulation and localized outbreaks are likely to occur.
"We have made progress against the virus thanks to public efforts, and we must continue to follow the guidelines carefully to ensure that this progress continues."
Ministry of Health and Social Affairs

UPDATE: The COVID-19 alarm level changes from level 4 to level 3.

However, the virus is still in the general cycle and localized outbreaks are likely to occur. You have to keep washing your hands and keep 2 m away.

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12:17 p.m. - June 19, 2020
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The Ministry of Health said after announcing that the COVID-19 alert would move from Level 4 to Level 3, but warned: “However, the virus is still in the general cycle and localized outbreaks are likely to occur. You have to keep washing your hands and keep 2 m away. "
The downgrade will occur if the government continues to relax the easing restrictions. Non-essential retail stores that reopened on Monday (June 15) and some parts of the hospitality industry are expected to reopen on July 4, although there is debate about the rules on social distance and its implications.
Concerns had previously been raised that the blockade had begun in early June, even though the coronavirus alert remained at four.
Boris Johnson outlined the five-stage coronavirus warning system in his address to the nation on May 10. (PA)
When Boris Johnson announced the Covid Alert Levels system in his address to the nation on May 10, he outlined his five levels, from levels one to five, based on the spread of Covid-19 across the country.
The hope is that the level will gradually be downgraded, which can further loosen the restrictions, e.g. B. How many people can meet, whether people can go to each other's houses and what people can do.
Level two is when the number of cases and the transfer are small and no or minimal restrictions are required. Level one means that coronavirus is no longer known in the UK.
Professor Matt Keeling of the University of Warwick said the move was "expected and justified by the current epidemiological situation," but warned that it was "no time for complacency".
"Our model-based assessment of the outbreak shows that the cases are now at a level comparable to early March (before the closure began) and continue to decrease, albeit slowly," he said.
“The transition to level three is a direct result of the public's response to the socially distant advice, but it does not mean that these efforts should be relaxed. We cannot afford to lose the profits made in fighting this outbreak. "
Corona virus: what happened today?
Why are children less at risk of coronavirus?
The vast majority of coronavirus-related deaths worldwide have occurred in the elderly. Between March and June, six people under the age of 14 died from the infection in England and Wales between 10 weeks. This is compared to 24,511 in people between the ages of 75 and 90. It is known that our immune system becomes less “sharp” with age, which reduces its ability to fight off infections that we have not encountered before. The circulating coronavirus is one of seven strains of a virus class that are known to infect humans. Four of these strains trigger cold-like symptoms that children in school may be more exposed to. Fending off other strains can give adolescents an edge when it comes to defeating the coronavirus. Research also suggests that children are less likely to get the infection in the first place. To what extent they pass it on is up for debate
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