Ukrainian Air Force shoots down 9 missiles, destroys up to 20 pieces of Russian equipment in a day

File photo of the pilot of the Ukrainian Air Force. The Luftwaffe reported the launch of nine Russian missiles on July 5.
"On July 5, sea-launched Kalibr cruise missiles launched missile attacks on Ukraine from the Black Sea," the command said. "At 4 a.m. six of seven missiles were destroyed by anti-aircraft missile units of the Vostok air command in the Dnepropetrovsk region."
On the same day, the Ukrainian Air Force also destroyed ammunition depots and up to 20 units of Russian vehicles, the command reported.
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"On July 5, Ukrainian Air Force bombers and attack planes destroyed two field ammunition dumps, two train fortresses of the Russian invaders, up to twenty pieces of equipment and enemy troops," the command said.
Around 20.30 it was reported that Russian troops launched a missile attack on the territory of Khmelnytskyi Oblast. According to the Khmelnytskyi District Police Department, three rocket hits were registered in the region.
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