Ukrainian soldier brings down Russian Su-25 attack jet

A soldier of Ukraine's National Guard crashed a Russian Su-25 attack jet during an aircraft sortie on the Zaporizhia front.
Source: National Guard of Ukraine on Facebook
Quote: “The Russians lost another Su-25 attack jet. During an enemy operation on the Zaporizhzhia front, a Guardsman of the National Guard has an Igla MANPADS [portable air defense system - ed. Red.] used to launch a missile at the Su-25 jet. An explosion was heard just behind a piece of forest after the attack. [We have] confirmed that the jet crashed in [Russian] occupied territory. The target has been destroyed."
Details: The National Guard notes that the strike was carried out by a comrade of another - now famous - guardsman, now known as "the Avenger of Zaporizhia".
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