Undereye bags are apparently the latest makeup trend — and people are actually loving it

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A video posted by Sara Castens that generated more than 1.6 million views sparked TikTok's obsession with dark circles (Photo via @saracarstens TikTok)
Obviously, dark circles are now not only a symbol of sleep deprivation - but also fashion.
According to some TikTok users, using makeup to create the illusion of dark circles is the latest makeup trend.
A few months ago, influencer and model Sara Carstens went to TikTok to share a now viral clip in which she applies makeup to create darker spots under her eyes. Since then, artificial dark circles and under-eye makeup have become increasingly popular - and TikToker love it.
“So you're telling me that my greatest insecurity that I've tried to hide for years is now attractive? I'm just - I'm happy, "commented one TikTok user on the video.
“I have terrible bags under the eyes. I was always unsure.
"Yes! Normalize bags under your eyes," added another.
"And dark circles are a trend now? This is my time, baby!" added a person.
"I just found out that people on TikTok use makeup to bag their eyes ... The trends are finally working in my favor," tweeted another.
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Carstens revealed in an interview with TODAY that she started the trend because she has been struggling with dark circles for years.
"I have them genetically and they were always very intense. The first make-up product I chose was concealer. I later found out that you don't have to be ashamed of yourself and they can even look pretty cool, so I decided to hug her and include a couple of my makeup looks in her, "she said, adding that she hopes the trend takes even more momentum and eventually normalizes the look.
"A lot of people struggle / are still struggling with their dark bags / circles and now we are finally seeing the aesthetics and beauty in them."
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