Unreal Engine will power the Hummer EV's infotainment display

You most likely know Unreal Engine as the game engine behind some of the most popular titles in recent years, including Fortnite, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Valorant. But apparently it can also be used to design infotainment systems for vehicles: in fact, Epic Games has just announced that GMC's new all-electric Hummer will be the first vehicle to use the engine for its digital display.
The video game developer says he has a long history of human-machine interfaces (HMI) for the automotive industry as Unreal Engine already has the technology to develop them. For this reason, the company has started an initiative for human-machine interfaces and formed a team to make it easier for car manufacturers to use Unreal Engine as the basis for their infotainment systems. Epic says it will roll out HMI-specific features for the engine in the coming months and over the course of 2021, most likely with the aim of partnering with more automakers.
As Autoblog notes, Epic didn't mention many details about the Unreal Engine used for the Hummer EV. It's likely Unreal Engine 4 as the fifth version hasn't been released yet, but we will for sure know and hear more details in a few days. The developer promises to release more information on the launch of the all-electric Hummer on October 20th.

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