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A UPS driver went viral after his wife filmed him opening his first paycheck in the United States. Yoel Diaz told CBS News he was so excited because he could barely fill his fridge before immigrating from Cuba.
He sometimes said he only had two things in it: "Water, water, water, five, ten eggs, water."
Now he lives in Phoenix, Arizona and his fridge is full. With the holidays approaching, he told CBS News he was "grateful" to be in the US.
"I know it's difficult," he said. "I know because you need a job. You have to work, it's hard... but in the end you go home, you have food."
The endearing video of him showing off his first paycheck has garnered millions of views, with his "American Dream" moment resonating with both Americans and immigrants. The video was captured by his wife Marissa Diaz, who is documenting his journey on social media.
"This is my first hourly paycheck where I feel like every hour counts," he said in the video. "That every hour of work in my life is important and that I know I can work hard for something. I can't compare this feeling to anything. Because I never had that in my country.”
He told CBS News it was a moment he'll never forget.
"When you first have this, your head explodes and you're like, 'Wow, it's beautiful,'" he said.
Before coming to the US in 2021, Diaz was a computer science teacher in Cuba, earning $12 a month. He lamented how far ahead the US is in this area.
Diaz met his wife, who is Cuban, when they were young and still living in Cuba. She often told him about the realities outside of Cuba, which she believed were being held back by the Communist Party. They eventually got married and faced a choice: stay or go to the United States.
Diaz said he told his wife, "We want a future, we want a family ... wherever you go, I go."
He came to America on a K-1 visa, and when he got his work permit, he applied for a job at UPS. The company told CBS News it started in late October and has been making deliveries since.
The CEO of UPS even sent him a letter and a care box.
"This story really warms our hearts and we're excited to have Yoel on our team," a UPS spokesman said in a statement.
Diaz is earning more than ever in Cuba, but for him it's about more than that.
"I've never had so much money in my hands from my effort, from my sweat, and it hurts that millions in my country and other countries can't have that," he said. "And if you are here, you can get it in a worthy way."
Editor's Note: The article previously had Yoel and Marissa's last name as Garcia. Her last name is Diaz.
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