US Olympic boxer cleared of doping violation caused by sex

The Olympic team's boxer, Virginia Fuchs, will not be punished if she fails a doping test after the U.S. Anti-Doping Association has determined that the violation was caused by two substances by her boyfriend Sex have been transmitted.
The USADA announced on Thursday its decision to clear the 32-year-old fox, who plans to qualify as a flyweight for the Tokyo Olympics next year.
Fuchs was recently captain of the U.S. Olympic team, which returned to Colorado Springs this week for their first training camp since the coronavirus pandemic began.
Fuchs learned in March that she had tested positive for two banned substances in an out-of-competition test in February. During the investigation of the tests, the USADA found that Fuchs' partner had taken products that contained the two banned substances and that the extent of the violations of Fuchs was consistent with the recent exposure to sexual transmission.
Travis Tygart, CEO of the USADA, said his organization only confirmed the Fuchs violation because it was necessary.
'' While the World Anti-Doping Code requires that this error-free finding be regarded as a violation and be made public, we firmly believe that this case and similar cases, including cases of meat contamination and prescription drug contamination, are not should be considered a violation. '' Said Tygart. "We will continue to push for changes to the World Anti-Doping Code so that an athlete is not exposed to violations or unnecessary public attention when there is no intent to defraud and no benefit."
Fuchs did not immediately return a call from The Associated Press. On her Twitter account, she thanked USADA.
"It was a great lesson for me and now that it's over, I'm fully focused on preparing for Tokyo," Fuchs wrote.
Fuchs makes her third shot at an Olympic appearance this year. She was the US team's flyweight ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympics, but stayed shortly before qualifying for the games.
Fuchs and most of her US team-mates still have to secure a place in Tokyo at two qualifying tournaments that are scheduled to take place next year.
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