Uvalde teacher who officials mistakenly said left door open is traumatized and heartbroken, attorney says

A teacher at Robb Elementary School has been traumatized and heartbroken since Texas officials falsely made initial statements claiming she left open a door that the Uvalde shooter used to enter the building before he carried out the mass shooting last week, her attorney told ABC News in an interview Thursday.
"It's traumatic for her to be implied to be involved and the door is open," attorney Don Flanary, representing the Robb Elementary School teacher, said in an exclusive interview with ABC News correspondent Marcus Moore. "She is heartbroken."
Flanary told ABC News that prior to the shooting, the teacher went out the door to get food from a co-worker outside, where she saw the gunman smash into a gray Ford pickup, then get out of the vehicle and weaponize himself Way to school made with a gun.
MORE: Texas DPS says teacher closed open door before attack but it wasn't locked
"She sees him throw a bag over the fence and he's got the gun, the pistol, on his chest," Flanary said. "He jumps over the fence and runs towards her."
Flanary said the teacher "turns around immediately and she runs in, kicks out the rock and slams the door."
Back at school, Flanary said she heard gunshots.
"She thought she was going to die herself. She was waiting for him to come in," Flanary said. "Obviously she's heartbroken from all the lives lost."
PHOTO: Police are seen outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, in an image extracted from video taken by a bystander on May 24, 2022. (Jesse Ortiz)
At a news conference after the shooting, Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said the teacher left the door open before the shooter entered the school.
"The teacher runs to room 132 to get a phone and the same teacher goes back to the exit door and the door stays open," McCraw said at a news conference last Friday.
But just a few days later, the claim was withdrawn. Texas Department of Public Safety press secretary Ericka Miller confirmed to ABC News that investigators found the teacher had closed the door — but the door would not lock.
Police are investigating why the door wouldn't lock, DPS confirmed to ABC News.
Meanwhile, the teacher's attorney told ABC News that his office is filing a petition for information about Daniel Defense, the company that manufactured the assault weapon used in the attack.
"We can't bring the children back, but we can find out who is responsible. We need to find the responsible people who put the guns in his hands," he said.
The teacher at Uvalde, who officials wrongly said left the door open, is traumatized and heartbroken, according to the lawyer, who originally appeared on abcnews.go.com

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