V.F (NYSE:VFC) Shareholders Have Enjoyed A 16% Share Price Gain

Low-cost index funds make it easy to achieve average market returns. However, if you invest in individual stocks, some are likely to underperform. For example, the V.F. The corporation's (NYSE: VFC) stock price return of 16% over three years is below the market return over the same period. Disappointingly, the share price fell 16% last year.
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In his essay, The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville, Warren Buffett described how stock prices do not always rationally reflect the value of a company. One incomplete but easy way to consider how a company's market perception has changed is to compare the change in earnings per share (EPS) with price movement.
In the past three years, V.F was unable to increase earnings per share, which fell 36% (annualized).
This means that the market is unlikely to judge the company based on earnings growth. In this situation, it makes sense to look at other metrics as well.
The 4.9% drop in sales is just as overwhelming as it is for some politicians. What is clear is that historical earnings and earnings do not align very well with stock price movement. You may have to dig deeper to understand the situation
The graph below shows how revenue and earnings have changed over time (indicate the exact values ​​by clicking on the image).
Profit and sales growth
We think it's good that insiders have bought stocks in the past twelve months. Even so, future earnings will be far more important whether current shareholders make money. It is therefore very useful to check what analysts expect from V.F in the future (free profit forecasts).
What about dividends?
When looking at investment returns, it is important to consider the difference between total shareholder return (TSR) and stock price return. The TSR takes into account the value of spin-offs or discounted capital increases and any dividends, based on the assumption that the dividends will be reinvested. The TSR arguably gives a more complete picture of a stock's return. Coincidentally, V.F's TSR has been 33% over the past 3 years, which is above the previously mentioned share price return. This is mainly due to the dividend payments!
Another perspective
V.F's investors had a difficult year with an overall loss of 13% (including dividends) versus a market gain of around 22%. Even the stock prices of good stocks fall sometimes, but we want to see improvements in a company's fundamentals before we get too interested. On the positive side, long-term shareholders have made money growing 5% per year for over half a decade. The recent sell-off could be an opportunity. It may therefore be worth checking the fundamentals for signs of a long-term growth trend. While it is worth considering the varying effects of market conditions on the stock price, other factors are even more important. Case in point, we've discovered 4 warning signs of V.F to be aware of, and one of them is a little worrying.
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Please note that the market returns reported in this article reflect the market-weighted average returns on stocks currently traded on US exchanges.
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