'Vampire Diaries' Stars Take Shots At Each Other On Twitter Over VP Debate

The Vampire Diaries co-stars Paul Wesley and Matthew Davis bared their fangs on Twitter Wednesday night as they argued over the Vice Presidential debate.
The two actors, who starred in the longtime CW drama together for years, argued over their political differences in a viral social media feud when they agreed to see Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris compete against each other.
Davis, who often expresses his support for President Donald Trump online, joined Pence in the debate and sparked the exchange by criticizing moderator Susan Page for reducing the Vice President's speaking time.
"It would be nice if the moderator would stop interrupting Pence and let him finish his point," he wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted to his nearly 60,000 followers.
Wesley took that as a cue to step in and wrote, "It would also be nice if Pence answered the question he was originally asked instead of a distraction."
And so a Twitter argument arose, with Davis striking back in an attempt to investigate Wesley's support for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.
“Like in 2016, Paul likes to vote for criminals and losers. Your opinion on this subject has little weight to me. Next, ”he tweeted in another deleted post.
"You're wrong. I didn't vote for Trump in 2016," Wesley replied.
Wesley then dropped a reference to the supernatural series by mentioning verbena, an herb essentially used on the show as a vampire poison that severely weakened, and sometimes killed, the persuasiveness of the fangs.
"Guys Alaric drank verbena, he's losing it," he wrote, referring to Davis by his name "Vampire Diaries," which the actor said with a "yawn".
When a fan pointed out that Davis wasn't playing a vampire on the show, Wesley joked, "Yeah, but this stuff is strong."
Wesley tried to end the feud in a more positive way, however, writing in response, "Relieve yourself, boy, you know you miss me."
In a recent tweet, he added: "@ImMatthew_Davis loves you buddy."
Matthew Davis and Paul Wesley on a "Vampire Diaries" panel with Nina Dobrev at Comic-Con in 2014. (Photo: Tonya Wise / Invision / AP)
Davis is currently starring in the Vampire Diaries' Legacies spin-off series, the third season of which will hit the CW next year after delays related to COVID. Fans could also recognize the actor by his role as Warner Huntington III from "Legal Blonde".
Wesley also appeared in the CBS series "Tell Me a Story" after "The Vampire Diaries".
Their Wednesday night exchange gained a lot of attention on social media and generated thousands of likes and retweets, with many expressing surprise at Davis' political affiliation.
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