Vanessa Bryant Honored Kobe & Gigi With Meaningful New Tattoos

It has been almost five months since Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna "Gigi" Bryant tragically died in a helicopter crash that killed all nine people on board. But her memory lives on through the people who left her behind, including Kobe's loving wife and mother for her four children, Vanessa Bryant.
Bryant went on Instagram on Thursday to unveil two new tattoos in honor of her daughter and husband. "Thanks to @nikkohurtado for coming to me and helping me get my Gigi's sweet message across to me," she wrote in an Instagram title. In the clip, Bryant revealed new artwork on her wrist to commemorate her daughter. While the details of the tattoo are not fully visible in the video, Bryant said that it is actually Gigi's handwriting. "So happy that I can see my Gigi's handwriting every day - #mambacita," she wrote.
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Shortly thereafter, Bryant shared an ongoing video showing a shoulder piece to honor her husband. "I wanted my Boo Boo's @ kobebryant sweet message to be transmitted to me," she wrote. The tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado has colored both honors and hinted that Bryant could expect more art in the future. "Anytime for you! All the best! I hope all of you are fine. Now let's make a sleeve! Hurtado wrote under her post.
Bryant hasn't shared a last shot of her art she received in February - and it's up to her to decide whether she'll ever choose it or not - but we have no doubt that they are both beautiful and meaningful tributes to her husband and are their daughter.
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