Vanessa Hudgens is facing backlash after posing for photos in a cemetery and calling the burial ground her 'happy place'

Vanessa Hudgens eventually defended her Instagram posts. Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images
Vanessa Hudgens faces a backlash after posting a series of photos taken in New York's Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.
The actress has also been criticized for calling the cemetery a "beautiful" place and calling it her "happy place".
In response to an Instagram user criticizing her posts, Hudgens said she shared the photos because she loves cemeteries and history, and previously buried her father in one.
Many tourists visiting Sleepy Hollow Cemetery pose for photos under the historic tombstones.
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Vanessa Hudgens faces a backlash in response to her latest Instagram posts.
On Saturday, the actress shared two versions of a photo of herself posing in New York's Sleepy Hollow Cemetery while wearing a black vest, matching skirt, fishnet tights, long gloves, face mask and combat boots.
She originally referred to the tomb as her "happy place?"
Vanessa Hudgens later changed the caption. Vanessa Hudgens / Instagram
Vanessa Hudgens was quickly criticized in response to her description of the cemetery
In the comments on her post, numerous Instagram users questioned Hudgens' caption and the choice to pose for photos in a cemetery.
"Why would you pose in a cemetery and post 'happy place'? Bruh," wrote one person.
"Um, am I the only one who thinks this is disrespectful?" said another user.
"Your happy place is the grave of a loved one? Someone's sad place? Dark," wrote one Instagram user.
Hudgens later changed the caption on these photos to say, "Looking for that headless horseman?"
Despite criticism, Hudgens continued to share photos that were taken in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
After her first post, Hudgens shared a picture of herself with the same black ensemble at Wilkens Fruit & Fir Farm in Yorktown Heights, New York. For her caption she wrote: "Apple Pickin Season".
In a third and final post, she shared four more photos that were taken from the cemetery - including two posed between tombstones.
"What a nice place." Hudgens wrote.
The latter post was also criticized by Instagram users.
"So are you visiting there or are you just doing a photo op?" one person wrote. "Because the latter is insanely disrespectful and pathetic, if so."
"Girls delete this now," said another user.
"Yikes," someone commented. "I don't think the families of the people buried there would appreciate it."
The actress later responded to a reviewer, saying that cemeteries were "beautiful".
On her third Instagram post, one user wrote, "This is disrespectful. You dance around like it's an amusement park. The caption is just why? You clearly have never been to a funeral. It's a happy place for no one."
In response, Hudgens said, "I buried my father in a cemetery. I love cemeteries. They are beautiful. This one especially. It's historic and I love history."
Vanessa Hudgens responded to a critic of her recent posts. Vanessa Hudgens / Instagram
Hudgens isn't the only person sharing photos taken in a cemetery
The hashtag #SleepyHollowCemeter has been used more than 10,000 times on Instagram. Many of the tagged photos show tourists posing in the cemetery. You can also find dozens of similar photos on the platform under the Geotag Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.
Many other tourists have shared photos taken in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Instagram
Hudgens officials did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.
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