Victoria Beckham says wearing tight clothes was 'a sign of insecurity'

The fashion designer told how her personal style developed (Getty Images)
Victoria Beckham, who has spent more than two decades in public, always seems to radiate trust.
But the fashion designer, 46, has shown that her preference for outfits that were “tight” and “tailored” used to be a “sign of uncertainty” in her fame.
In an interview with The Guardian, the former pop star said: “I used to wear a lot of structured dresses with a bodice and I still have some of these dresses, but my personal style has become more relaxed.
"In retrospect, I think it was a sign of uncertainty that I would always wear clothes that were very tight and very tailored."
The Spice Girl (Photo 2008) previously preferred more figure-hugging looks (Getty Images)
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The Spice Girl has preferred casual silhouettes in recent years, which is reflected in her catwalk shows, but she was once a fan of figure-hugging dresses by Hervé Léger and Roland Mouret, as well as corset-style ensembles.
Victoria made the comment in response to a question asked by a university fashion student about the newspaper: "Was there ever a time when you felt confused about your personal style?"
The mother of four children added that while she worked with stylists from 1994 to 2000 when she was part of the legendary group of girls, she had never had one in her private life.
She also told the publication how she got dressed more relaxed during the corona virus lockdown at her home in the Cotswolds.
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Victoria explained: "I would like to say that my lockdown look was just a vintage kaftan, but it is not. I still get up early and exercise every day, then I get dressed for work and for comfort.
“An old pair of jeans, a t-shirt or a sweater. I'm not quite in the elastic waistband stage yet - I still want to feel good.
"We take country walks every day. The only shoes I wear are old sneakers.
"It's so nice to do things with the family and not think too much about getting dressed. So definitely no heels."
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The star's comments come when she gave fans an insight into her work from home on Instagram.
Victoria was wearing a loose shirt, denim shorts, and a pair of slippers with a smiley face logo.
She wrote a moment typing on her laptop in her kitchen and wrote: “My warm weather works from the cloakroom at home! Shorts and slippers. The dream."
Her fans praised the elegant look with a comment: "You look so relaxed and natural."
Another shared, "the best dress code," and a third added, "casual elegance."
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