Video Evidence Contradicts Muriel Bowser’s Excuse for Breaking Her Own Mask Mandate

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser disregarded her own mask mandate on Saturday, less than 24 hours after she signed an executive order that requires all DC residents - vaccinated and unvaccinated - to wear masks in indoor public spaces . And her excuse for actively eating and drinking at the time - is disproved by video evidence.
Washington Examiner writer Tiana Lowe witnessed Bowser's failure to adhere to her own mask rules during a wedding the mayor was allowed to officiate on Saturday - and even provided photographic evidence in support of her story.
Bowser released a statement in response to the story alleging that "the mayor wore a mask indoors in accordance with the mandate, and the venue's organizers and staff were working to create a safe environment for staff and guests." create".
Then, on Tuesday, after photos of her sitting without a mask surfaced on social media, Bowser attempted to defend herself as "sitting at a dining table and eating". But a video that Lowe presented on the same day showed that the dinner portion of the evening was over, although Bowser remained unmasked.
Bowser's puns are part of a two-pronged strategy for self-defense, the other plank of which is to curse Lowe as a conspiracy theorist and cast her against her as part of a broader right-wing conspiracy.
“Let me clear something up,” announced Bowser, “because if you want to cover the right wingers, you've got it. But I'm not going to give him a lot of energy. "
She also implied that Lowe had "directed followers not to get vaccinated". A cursory glance at Lowe's social media presence would show just the opposite. In May, Lowe even wrote a column urging others “to take the vaccine made by American scientists to avoid contracting a virus likely from a Chinese laboratory. In the end, that's the way back to normal. "
The Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler, of whom no one thought anything of a "right winger", gave the mayor his hardest grade and found the episode "embarrassing".
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