Video: Kyle Rittenhouse with arresting officers

The newly released police video shows an Illinois teenager accused of killing two people in rioting in Wisconsin last summer. Kyle Rittenhouse never asks about the two men who were shot, but asks an officer if he can get therapy. (January 26th)
Video transcript
- You can always request a lawyer. You have the right to cancel the interview at any time. Would you like to have a lawyer? It is said, circle yes or no.
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KYLE RITTENHOUSE: I would like a lawyer, but I am ready to speak until a lawyer is available.
WENDY RITTENHOUSE: You are already marked as a white Supremacist Gun Person. You have to take care of your ... take care of your safety and stuff and what ...
Kyle Rittenhaus: Can you stop talking, Mom?
No Now the prosecutor can read it.
KYLE RITTENHOUSE: I have to get rid of social media?
Kyle Rittenhaus: Did you say that?
WENDY RITTENHOUSE: Because they'll bother you when they can't find you.
- Well, I'm glad to hear you speak in a way that makes you want to see them seek therapy or something.
KYLE RITTENHOUSE: I don't want to be one of those cops who - like, I don't want to be one of those people who live with PTSD for the rest of their lives.
- For sure.
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