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This is the breaking news we need!
A bunny and a deer are taking a nap together in TikTok user @Matteyeasaurus' backyard. Here the text "You had just settled down for a long hibernation" comes to life!
Check out this adorable video of these mismatched friends just chilling together. Literally.
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how cool are they Okay enough of the wintry puns but this whole scenario is so magical and the very important news we needed today! @AtharFinara says: "That was important information that changed the course of my day." @Harley has an excellent suggestion, writing: "Open your window and sing, maybe they will come in and dress you." @Lbbj2020 comments: " That's a big bunny! Also, I think that makes you a Disney Princess now.” See! It's that easy to become your own princess. In keeping with the theme, @Figaro&MyMom adds, "You're having a Disney moment and it's magical." We'd be so tempted to throw them food, but also afraid it would put them off.
We only live for these winter babies! Bambi and Thumper are always welcome to hang out in our backyards!
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