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This is our kind of winter wonderland!
Snow has officially landed in parts of the country. A sign that winter is really here. But instead of being sad that colder days are here, let's embrace the beauty that comes with them. More specifically, we should be like this orange cat.
TikTok user @_neverforgive_ captured one of the most beautiful moments we've seen in a long time. The snow trickled down very easily. We wouldn't expect a cat to enjoy this, but this orange cat had the best time. Get ready to see some magic!
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Aww stop it! This video is just perfect in every way. We love seeing the snow fall so beautifully and the cat. You can see the joy radiating from the fur baby's face. The cat even tried to catch the snowflakes!
"Oh to be a cat playing in the snow," wrote @shadowstaryaoi_161. Firstly, we never thought we would read a sentence like this because we never expected cats to enjoy the snow! LOL! But now that we're doing that, we all need to be more like that cat. Winter would be so much better if we could just see the beauty and fun of snow. That's exactly how this cat sees it.
Another TikTok user, @christyl0427, said: "OMG!! That melted my heart!” This clip melted everyone's heart! Truly one of the most valuable videos we have ever seen. Even the official TikTok account for Microsoft Surface commented, "Core Memory in the Making." It really is!
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