Video Shows Cops Forcing Man Off Subway After He Says He Asked Them To Wear Masks

Two New York police officers are likely to face disciplinary action after a video showed them pushing a subway driver off a train station platform for allegedly confronting the maskless cops on the city's COVID-19 masked mandate.
A video posted on social media on Tuesday showed subway driver Andrew Gilbert being forcibly pushed through an emergency exit by one of the officers who said the driver was "annoying." Gilbert told reporters he was packed and forced through the fenced-in exit after confronting officials about the city's masking mandate.
"We expect this discipline to be observed," NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said at a news conference Wednesday, although he said the penalty would not include the option of dismissal or suspension. "There is no excuse for what I saw in this video."
Mayor Bill De Blasio accused officials at a separate press conference of not wearing masks on the subway.
"That is obvious, that is unacceptable," said the mayor. “We have given this instruction a thousand times. If you are a law enforcement officer, you must actually participate in obeying the law. "
The video recorded by another passenger shows Gilbert's exit from the subway.
“You will use the train station or not,” the male officer can be heard saying in the video when Gilbert calls for the female officer's number.
Gilbert told HuffPost that he filed a complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board against the officials, but didn't expect much to happen. He said he regularly sees police officers defying the mask law while on his commute and has seen maskless officers on two of his four trips since the video confrontation.
"I sincerely hope that the two policemen who attacked me will be punished as harshly as the law allows, but I have no doubt that this will not happen as even policemen who murder civilians on the street rarely be punished. ”Gilbert said in an online message on Thursday. "That has to change at some point if we want to live in a society of law and order."
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is mandatory to wear a mask in underground stations, trains, buses and paratransit vehicles. Violators face a $ 50 fine and expulsion. New York law also requires police officers to identify themselves by name, rank, command number, and badge number to civilians who ask for it.
The video shows two officers forcibly removing a New York subway driver after the man allegedly confronted officers not to wear masks as required by law. (Photo: Toria Hall / Twitter)
Gilbert said his sightings of unmasked police officers have become so frequent that he "records every maskless officer I see on the system and tells them to obey the law."
He added, "Most of the time, they either ignore me completely or just put on a mask."
That has to change at some point if we want to live in a society of law and order.
The Civilian Complaint Review Board, which oversees complaints against the NYPD, has opened an investigation into Gilbert's case.
"Although I was concerned about the video, we will wait for a full investigation to be completed before drawing any conclusions," Fred Davie, chairman of the board, told HuffPost. "In the meantime, I hope the NYPD will abide by state masking requirements and remind officials that they are legally required to provide their ID number when someone asks."
New Yorkers have long complained about police officers refusing to mask and some sharing their own photos on social media.
"I see some police officers wearing their masks on their chins," driver Anabel Zamora told The City last month. "So how can you get things done if you don't follow the rules?"
"Of course we have more than a few cops who don't obey," Janno Lieber, acting chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, told the New York Times. “To be honest, we're trying to get the drivers back into the system. I don't want them to be pushed out of the system by people who don't follow the rules of the federal government. "
This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.
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