Video Shows White Texas Deputy Laying on Black Teen as She Screams 'I Can't Breathe'

Another day, another black violent arrest that began with an alleged nonviolent crime.
A black teenager and her mother were arrested Tuesday in Forney, Texas after police responded to a phone call about a disturbance in which the teen allegedly jumped in and out of traffic. The teenager's family members deny the allegation, saying that she only went home and that it is a residential street with no heavy traffic. But the real problem is why a white male cop felt the need to lay on the stomach and chest of a black teenager with most of his weight as she says the words that should be the title at this point in the book about how cops deal with black suspects - "I can't breathe."
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The Dallas Morning News reported that Antanique Ray, 41, and her daughter, 18-year-old Nekia Trigg, were both arrested after an altercation that stunned viewers and is now under investigation, according to the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office.
The video of the incident, taken from a bystander's cell phone, began with the officer, identified by Newsweek as Deputy Kaufman County Vice Conner Martin, lying on Trigg and pinning her down while she cried, struggled, and yelled, " I can not breathe!"
Ray can be seen and heard trying to calm her daughter down during the fight and trying to argue with Martin about the rough way he deals with a young woman.
“You never have to hit her, OK? She'll stay down, ”Ray said to Martin.
You can hear Martin screaming: “Don't touch me! Secure yourself! Back! "As Ray reaches for her daughter to comfort her.
From the news:
Ray tells the deputy that he doesn't have to hold Trigg back, but he says that she tried to jump in front of cars.
When another deputy shows up with handcuffs, Ray squeezes her daughter's hand and tells her to stay calm. Someone in the video expresses concern for Trigg's well-being, noting that it looks like she is foaming at the mouth as she says she cannot breathe.
The deputies roll Trigg over and tie her hands behind her back, then pick her up and lead her out into the street. Ray walks with them and the deputies tell her to let go of her daughter.
Within a few seconds, Martin seems to reach out to separate the two women, Ray takes a few steps back and then Martin grabs her on the street.
A third deputy tries to keep onlookers off the street and then helps the other deputies to hold the two women back. A fourth law enforcement officer aimed a stun gun at the person recording the video; It's not clear which agency he's with.
"I just asked you to listen to us," Ray said to Martin. “I haven't touched you. I touched my daughter when she said [the handcuffs] were too tight. "
Ray was charged with assaulting an officer and meddling in public duties. She was admitted to the Kaufman County Jail and has since been released on bail. Trigg was taken from the crime scene to a hospital for a psychological examination. It is unclear what criminal charges she is facing, if any.
According to Newsweek, the woman who recorded the video and posted it on Instagram said, "Nekia just went home and someone called the police and said they were trying to jump in front of cars."
Ray's cousin Teronica Williams said police exaggerated the situation, especially Trigg.
"Of course, I and our other family members are hurt because this happened to her, because we know what kind of person she is," she said. "It takes a person to watch this video and devalue both their and Kia's characters and make the world think they deserve this and that - and that's not fair."
She also denied the allegation of jumping into traffic.
"I'm not sure what they would call traffic if it was clearly in a residential area," Williams said. "There's not much traffic in a residential area when kids are literally always outside on the street, riding bikes, playing basketball, etc."
Meanwhile, the public response to the incident and the video that captured it was so overwhelming that the Kaufman County's office posted a statement on Facebook urging people to stop calling because the call volume " Unmanageable "was.
In a statement to the News, the sheriff's office said Martin is currently "not working," which presumably means he has been on leave while the incident is being investigated.

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