Video: Tesla Model S Plaid Owner Enjoys Yoke Steering, Adapts Quickly

When Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) first unveiled the Tesla Model S refresh, many were thrilled to finally see an updated interior. But some people scratched their heads on part of the interior.
While it looks fun and futuristic, the usability of the yoke-style steering wheel was immediately called into question. The missing top of the wheel allows a much more open view of the road and the instrument cluster and at the same time gives the car a more open feel. And many agree that it looks good too.
But how easy could you ride without the upper part of the wheel, especially if you only know a round wheel?
The Tesla owner in the video below (from around 10:24 p.m.) seems to be really enjoying the yoke, and the steering and use look very natural. “One-handed driving is also not a problem,” says the owner. He goes on to say it's really comfortable and says that after an initial period of getting used to it, he got used to it.
Gasoline Gas Take: Like many things at Tesla, the yoke is radically different from other production vehicles.
The Model 3 and Y lack any type of instrument cluster in front of the bike, but only offer a central screen. The first time you use the car, these features can seem intimidating, but as can be seen in the video above, it takes very little time and people can enjoy and even prefer the noticeable changes that Tesla is making.
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(Photo of the Tesla Model S interior courtesy of Tesla.)
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