Viewers praise 'Bachelorette' for 'not putting up with any bulls***'

By the Monday night of the Bachelorette, Katie Thurston was already breaking the law with the men and nipping the drama in the bud, and it was only the second episode of the season.
After Katie learned from Aaron that Cody, whom he knew from home, was only there for the fame, Katie immediately sent Cody to pack. "I had to send Cody home last night because I learned he had no intention of being there for me," Katie told the men. "I appreciate the honesty I have been given so far and if there is anything else I need to know, please know that I am a safe place and deserve to know what is going on in the house. This is mine real life that we are. " This is your real life. ”But just as Katie and Bachelor Nation thought they were safe, another bomb fell when Karl told Katie that there were several men with ulterior motives in the house, not just Cody.
The only problem with Karl's accusation was that he refused to give names or examples to back up himself because, unbeknownst to Katie (although she was suspicious), Karl totally mixed up the pot when he did emerged as the first villain of the season.
"I've made my intentions very clear about why I'm here," Katie said in front of all the men during the cocktail party. She continued, “And a bomb was dropped on me tonight because several people are still here for the wrong damn reason. And I don't know how clearly to say my intentions and my time, but when is it you? not there for me, if you're not here for an engagement then get out of here. I don't know who is here for the wrong reasons, but from what I've been told there are several people I should be on the lookout for. For some of you this may be a platform, but I am not here to waste my time. "

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