Vikings quarterback situation listed as mildly intriguing

The Vikings signed Kirk Cousins ​​as a free agent in 2018, but he's not been perfect since then.
Minnesota has seen cousins ​​have stellar games, but he's also taken the team out of key games this season, like the Colts and Falcons. With Sean Mannion, Nate Stanley and Jake Browning behind cousins, there doesn't seem to be much hope that another starting quarterback is on the roster or training team right now.
CBS Sports isn't fully aware of the Vikings' quarterback situation, but they also don't believe the team is necessarily stuck in that position. The point of sale listed Minnesota under the slightly intriguing category. The following has been said of the Vikings' quarterback situation in connection with the Rams:
The contracts the Rams and Vikings have made with their quarterbacks - Jared Goff and Kirk Cousins ​​- most likely preclude any real move if either team is considering a potential upgrade. But these teams didn't quite fit into the top category.
The Vikings are likely to stay with cousins ​​until at least 2022 and likely until 2023 due to his contract. It remains to be seen whether Minnesota finds an inexpensive, potential replacement.
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