Vikings rookie Justin Jefferson needed only 13 games to cuss out Kirk Cousins

There's one big advantage to NFL games played in mostly empty stadiums: the microphones pick up player chatter that would otherwise never get into our ears. Or, in this case, a player who yells.
Let's set up the scene: The Minnesota Vikings play the Chicago Bears at home. The Vikings got the ball in the last minute of the first half. Quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​intercepts the second hit. He wants to throw, but is soon under pressure. He runs. He runs. He ... runs even more. He eventually throws the ball, but too high for rookie receiver Justin Jefferson to catch it.
How did Jefferson react? He wasn't happy and let cousins ​​- and the audience - know about it. [Warning: graphics language required.]
If you count, it only took Jefferson 13 games to get his quarterback out loud on national television. Jefferson better hopes cousins ​​don't make him wash his mouth with soap afterward.
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