Virgin Hyperloop to safety test its hyperloop technology at new West Virginia certification center

Virgin Hyperloop announced an important step in its long-term goal of making Hyperloop transportation a reality in the United States. The company announced today that it will conduct its certification testing at a new facility in West Virginia. This will be critical to establishing a national safety certification framework for the US that will involve working directly with the US Department of Transportation - a process that is already underway as the DOT issued guidance documentation ahead of a framework last July.
So far, Virgin Hyperloop has developed and tested its Hyperloop technology at its North Las Vegas test site. The company created a 500 meter "development loop" to run its tests, and in 2017 it ran its first full system test. This new facility will be used specifically for certification, but will include similar large-scale testing and will include "thousands" of new jobs, the company claims.
Ultimately, Virgin Hyperloop hopes to have its system fully security certified by 2025 and then go into commercial operation with a real system by 2030 if all goes well.
How autonomous vehicles and hyperloops ride

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