Virtual Popstar Ki aka EyeAmKi Dubbed Tiktoks Reigning Popstar by Paper Magazine, Releases New Single Madam!

The virtual pop star Ki, also known as EyeAmKi, with more than 2.1 billion views from 2.4 million followers publishes Madam! In the world & on the radio! Madam! Is it about bullying and becoming nothing but kings?
LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 26, 2020 / Ki is a virtual pop star based in Los Angeles, CA. She recently released her biggest single to date, “Great! Big! Party! "That makes headlines for its catchy lyrics and eclectic sound. For more information on Ki, visit
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Ki is a world-famous virtual pop star who has achieved great fame on social media platforms such as TikTok, (2.4 million) Instagram and Facebook and has almost three million followers worldwide. She recently released her latest single, “Great! Big! Party! "That makes waves among her millions of loyal fans. And now she is releasing her biggest single, which will be released in the digital and mainstream radio world!
With her viral trend of My Loneliness taking over the pandemic and garnering 2.1 billion views of the # lonelychair trend that has earned her endorsement and 2.4 million followers on TikTok, she is one on Tiktok and even more in the world become a real hot commodity.
Her newest single Madam! also went viral on Tiktok, earning Ki 1M plus streams and nearly 50,000 monthly Spotify listeners. This is only her first year in music. Ki makes sure her name is a name to remember.
She was just seen on Dating No Filter and is currently working on other TV appearances and the birth of her upcoming reality show.
After experiencing bullying, Ki has made it her business to eradicate hatred and spread positivity through her music. She has used that passion to build a massive global following and personal brand on all major social media platforms. As a natural entrepreneur, Ki has managed to bring her message and music together into one great brand that Gen Z'ers inspires and encourages.
Thanks to her entrepreneurial spirit, Ki was able to make a living simply by being her authentic self and spreading her content, music and joy with the world. She always sells couture yet wearable merch for all ages! She is known for actively engaging with her followers, coaching them, and giving personal advice to her fans on a daily basis.
In addition to her social media fame, she has released three other singles, all of which have surpassed millions of streams. Her singles: “Great! Big! Party! "And Frau! Are the latest additions to their powerful repertoire of songs.
What sets Ki apart from its competitors is its unique sound, appearance, and radiant positivity. Their influences are rooted in the rock. “I like to think of myself as the modern cyber glam rock Josephine Baker,” explains Ki.
In the course of 2021, we are sure to see Ki dominate the internet and the physical world as a household name.
TELEPHONE: 323-553-3786
SOURCE: One World Publishing

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