Volkswagen Amarok midsize pickup previewed in design sketch

Today there is a new teaser for the upcoming Volkswagen Amarok pickup. Seeing the truck previewed is fascinating as this is the first pickup truck to emerge from the technology-sharing partnership between Ford and Volkswagen. The new Amarok will be based on the Ford Ranger, and this will be based on the upcoming next generation Ranger.
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We've seen spy footage of Ford's upcoming midsize pickup redesign, but design sketches are few and far between. The styling for the Volkswagen version of the pickup will certainly be very different, but the preview is still great to see.
This sketch from Volkswagen looks much more realistic than the VW drawing published last year (bottom left). Its proportions are closer to what a production pickup might have, even if some of the design might be exaggerated or not accurately scaled in some places.
Volkswagen Amarok teaser
The chunky tires, orange tow hooks, and large flared fenders suggest that VW has an off-road aesthetic. Much of the drawing looks like it can be brought into production. Even the full-width LED lighting in the grille is now part of VW's design language as it is implemented in more vehicles across the product line. Despite the Ford basics, this truck looks like a full-fledged VW design.
Volkswagen hasn't set a firm release date for this pickup yet, but with the next generation Ranger still not out, we suspect there is still a wait. While VW is using the Ford pickup platform, Ford has announced that it will use VW's electric platform for a new EV. However, just like with the new Amarok, this project is still very detailed and lacks an appropriate start date. We hope to learn more about these vehicles later this year or early 2022.
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