Von Miller forgot he was mic’d up when he compared Teddy Bridgewater to Peyton Manning

In Sunday's win against the Giants, Broncos linebacker Von Miller made a very strong comment about quarterback Teddy Bridgewater's impact on the team. Recently, Miller expressed his regret that the comment had come to light.
"I haven't felt this in a while," Miller Bridgewater said on the sidelines during the first week win, "since I've been here man."
18 is Peyton Manning. The Broncos have had many other quarterbacks since then. It is now clear to Miller that no one has measured.
"I kind of forgot that I was miking," Miller told reporters when asked for the comment. “I don't like to publish things. That was a moment for me and Teddy, but he's out there. I don't want anyone to feel a certain way for telling Teddy that. I told Teddy the truth. It definitely has that vibe that the guys want to play for. Guys believe in teddy. He's a veteran in that league. He's sitting behind Drew Brees. He was well on his way to winning MVP with the Minnesota Vikings so he knows how to do it. He wears himself in such a way that people want to play for him and people believe in him. "
Miller is obviously sensitive to the fact that: (1) Drew Lock is one of the quarterbacks the team has had since Manning; (2) Lock is still on the team; and (3) Lock is an injury away from playing again.
Miler raved not only about Bridgewater's leadership, but also about his performance.
"It was a fourth residue in the game where he stuttered and stiffened a guy and threw him at [tight end Albert Okwuegbunam]," Miller said. “That's just heart. Nobody can put it up. No coach on our coaching staff or in the NFL can teach you that. Teddy had to fight to go out and win for the soccer team. Some of the things he says and some of the things he tells everyone before the games - personally, I just believe that and I find it hard to just believe everything everyone says. You can definitely feel it with Teddy. I told Teddy - I think it was towards the end of the game. I saw him and I just told him that I firmly believe that I will give people their flowers while they are still here. Teddy, he definitely deserves love. "
This proves that if the Broncos try to bench Teddy for Lock, the Broncos will have a problem in the locker room. So look for teddy to keep the job as long as he's healthy. And look for other teams that had or might have regretted not keeping Bridgewater.
Von Miller forgot he was miking when he compared Teddy Bridgewater to Peyton Manning, who originally appeared on Pro Football Talk
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