Waitress shares horrifying tale about blind date gone wrong: 'You should never leave the table'

A TikToker told a cautionary story after her friend saw a man take a woman's drink while the couple were on a blind date in broad daylight.
Sarah-Jay Pierce, an actress and writer, went to TikTok on September 23 to tell the harrowing story that took place while she was working as a waitress with one of her closest friends.
"That's why you should never leave the table when you're on a blind date," Pierce said in her now viral video. “One of my best friends and I worked in the same restaurant. When I came on my shift later [one] day, she told me a crazy story. "
Pierce went on to explain that her friend's first table of the day was a man and woman who were clearly "on a first date" together.
"The girl was nervous so she ordered a glass of wine," she added.
Pierce's waitress seemed to think the date was going well until the woman got up to go to the bathroom.
"Just as my girlfriend was coming over and bringing the cutlery, she saw [the man] putting something in the wine of his date," Pierce said.
Pierce's friend, who was "afraid" of what had happened before her, quickly informed her manager, who immediately called the police. She also went to the bathroom to warn the customer about what she had seen.
"The girl stayed in the bathroom until the police came, arrested him and took him out of the building," Pierce said. “It was Tuesday noon. You don't think you will be drugged on a Tuesday noon. "
The video, which has since been viewed more than 1.3 million times, wowed TikTok, and many commenters thanked Pierce for making sure that Pierce's friend acted quickly and calmly.
"Thank goodness your friend has taken action," wrote one user.
"Proud of your friend for speaking!" said another.
Others shared their own scary experiences with drink spiking.
“Worst date the guy ever insisted I go to the bathroom. I didn't, ”said a TikToker. "Only then do I understand why!"
"My mom told me if I had a drink and had to use the bathroom to take it with me," said another.
"That happened to me and a server intercepted it and informed me," wrote a third. "I am so grateful for you."
Earlier this year, Mel Hall went viral on TikTok, eerily demonstrating how easy it is for bad actors to add unwanted additives to your drink.
Using popcorn kernels as a substitute for an illegal substance like roofies, also known as the "date rape drug," Hall was able to successfully sneak five kernels into a glass of water in under 2 minutes.
Her popcorn experiment has since been viewed over 2 million times on TikTok and over 4.1 million times on Twitter.
To protect yourself from potential drugs, Hall recommends never leaving the drink unattended and always holding either your hand or a coaster over the mouth of your drink, even if it is directly in front of you.
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