Walking Daily Helped Me Lose 28 Pounds and Get Ripped at 52

Image Credit: Ultimate Achievement
Bernard Creed, a 52-year-old accountant from Dubai, shared the results of his 12-week body transformation with Men's Health and revealed the surprising mental benefits of his new routine.
I always worked out and tried to choose healthy foods. Even during Covid, I stuck to my training routine at home. I've never been heavy, but when I turned 50 I noticed that things were catching up with me and my metabolism wasn't what it used to be. I was no longer able to get away with my previous habits and I had gained weight and felt uncomfortable in my clothes.
I knew I had to make some changes so I started working at Ultimate Performance Dubai with my trainer, Tawfik Bakkar. In addition to our three times a week strength training, I also spent a lot more time doing cardio: I started daily walks and took 15,000 steps every day.
The biggest change for me was learning macros. That was really a revelation. I had known that high protein would help me maintain muscle levels, but I hadn't been paying attention to the healthy fats I needed and the effect of carbohydrates on energy. Keeping track of my macros and meeting my daily goals forced me to make much better decisions and ended up having a huge impact.
I had coaches in the past but never got very far. Tawfik taught me how the combination of weight training, macro goals, sleep, fluid intake, and daily walking was really transformative. He checked in with me daily and pushed me further - this professional support was great.
In total, I lost a total of 13 kg (28 pounds) and managed to gain 1.5 kg (3.3 pounds) of muscle mass in 12 weeks.
Image Credit: Ultimate Achievement
While the physical transformation was quite drastic on the outside, I have to say that daily walks of over an hour a day resulted in the greatest change on the inside. It brought an element of mindfulness into my day and allowed me some peace to think and reflect. I had never experienced this combination of physical and mental changes.
I've also had back pain for years - but since I've been training with Tawfik without putting any pressure on this area, I haven't had any back problems since then.
Photo credit: Men's Health
I've kept up with my workouts, macro goals, and daily walks and I feel really great with the choices I've introduced into my lifestyle. Tawfik recently got me started on the bulk phase of my workout, which I love. I am building more muscle and increasing my calorie intake and I look forward to seeing where this next leg of my health and fitness journey will take me.
My advice to anyone looking to get in better shape is to find a program and trainer that is right for you and your needs. Having someone who pushes you knows what they're doing and listens is key. If you don't have the budget, there are plenty of apps and forums out there with useful information. But remember to block the noise from critics and focus only on what will help you pursue your goals.
Last but not least: a daily walk is free and will surprise you with its effect.
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