Washington Post Editorial Board: Mike Pence Destroys Own Credibility With Pandemic Spin

The Washington Post editors have clarified what they think of Vice President Mike Pence's response to the coronavirus pandemic as head of the White House Task Force to Combat the Public Health Crisis.
"Mike Pence is a case study of irresponsibility," the newspaper's board said in a column published on Wednesday. The play criticized Pences' widely condemned Tuesday in the Wall Street Journal, in which he stated that the United States "wins the battle against the invisible enemy."
COVID-19 has killed more than 119,000 people nationwide, and several states are now registering record numbers of new infections after loosening their home orders to slow the spread of the virus.
The Post's board of directors noted how public health crisis manuals highlight the importance of transparency and the need for civil servants to maintain public trust.
"You shouldn't be too reassuring and should be open about risks and unexpected events," the board wrote, noting some of the many ways that Pence and President Donald Trump have not done so.
"The pandemic is still raging," she warned. "Mr. Pence and Mr. Trump try to tell their own recovery story and destroy their own credibility by ignoring reality. The American people know that this is no reason to celebrate. "
Read the full editorial here.
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