Watch a freight train slam into truck carrying a wind turbine blade in Texas

Wind power met locomotive power this weekend when a truck carrying a wind turbine blade was hit by a train in Luling, Texas. The oversized cargo was being escorted through town when it got stuck at a railroad crossing while trying to negotiate the curve. No injuries were reported.
This video, posted on Facebook by Jon Throgmorton on Sunday, gives the clearest view of the truck at the time it was caught by the train going through the level crossing at high speed. Throgmorton says he's working on a different trucking outfit; his employee observed / recorded the incident.
A second video posted on Facebook by user Caleb Brandon shows the accident from a gas station on the opposite side of the intersection, with the trailer and turbine visible at the time of impact. Luling Police told San Antonio KSAT that in addition to the truck and turbine, three parked cars, a commercial building and a power pole were damaged; the train's two leading locomotives were also damaged.
The accident occurred at the intersection of US Highway 90 and US 183 (E. Pierce Street and N. Magnolia Avenue). The truck tried to turn right on US 183 when it appeared to be caught at the intersection signal. The truck was more than halfway across the tracks when the gates came down.
At this point, the driver desperately tries to evacuate the intersection before the train arrives, ripping the still trapped intersection signal further out of its anchors prior to impact, shredding the trailer and turbine, and overturning the cab of the articulated lorry. The driver was not seriously injured.
Locals on Twitter have advised that trucks typically take a different exit outside of the U.S. Use 90 to go straight through this intersection instead of having to take the wide right-hand bend over the tracks. It appears that the driver and / or escorts of the truck in question were either unfamiliar with the area or received poor instructions.

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