Watch 'American Idol' Singer Who Will Be 'The Damn Winner,' Luke Bryan Says

Katy Perry hopefully called "American Idol" Casey Bishop "really, really good" on Sunday's episode. Judge Luke Bryan went even further.
"I think she's the fucking winner of the 'American Idol' period," he said. (Check out the video below.)
Bishop, 15, from Estero, Fla., Said she had "really no performance experience" prior to her audition - although she reportedly attended a performing arts school.
Her talent was undeniable when she released an a cappella version of Motley Crues "Live Wire" and a Sarah Vaughan-inspired version of "My Funny Valentine".
Bishop sang the second song after Perry asked her to highlight the soul part of her voice - and it turned out to be the clincher in Bryan's forecast.
Bryan compared the impression she made to musician Alejandro Aranda's test in 2019 that Perry predicted he would win. Aranda took second place.
Next up for Bishop is Hollywood Week. Good luck boy
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