Watch An Abandoned 1966 Mustang Arise From Its Grave

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This is definitely a miracle now!
YouTuber RevStoration is not just a driven person who likes to save oldtimers in bad condition - there are quite a few such channels these days. The guy is also a full time pastor, a job he says he won't give up or cut back on, no matter how big his channel gets. It's really inspiring to watch him bring that 1966 Ford Mustang back from the dead when he has nothing to do to do something like that, so we had to share this experience with all of you.
Watch an abandoned Trans Am drive out of her grave here.
To say this Mustang has seen better days would be the obvious and a lot more. It's weathered inside and out after sitting outside in the moisture for years in all four seasons. The average person would look at a classic like this and only notice that it is a grate bucket that was meant to be taken to the dump and cut into cubes. Fortunately, someone sees the value of such a ride because they're definitely not making it the same these days.
It's always nice to see a classic car like this '66 Mustang being rescued after years of sitting outside. Why people park cars on their property and then never do anything with them varies from situation to situation. Sometimes it's just a matter of procrastinating forever. Sometimes it's a sudden turn in life that makes it impossible to restore a once loved ride. We're just excited that this pony car is being rescued and making its way to a better life.
This YouTuber calls the '66 Mustang "Fred" and you will never guess why. The guy opens one of the doors to get a good look inside and then points out on the driver's side that the floor is completely rusted in at least one large spot. Since this pony isn't running, maybe he thought of just getting in and pushing it like Fred Flintstone did with his car?
See for yourself how to get this battered Mustang back up and running.
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